What is an argumentative essay

What is an argumentative essay

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When we form an opinion, we must agree with the idea embodied in the formulation of the task or paraphrase it. But it is important not to distort the original opinion. Your opinion should fully and accurately reflect the advice that is given in the first task.

For example, in the first task was the wording:

Some people believe that smoking should be made prohibited.

You can rephrase:

In my opinion, smoking should be banned.

Coercion argument

The argument is a statement that should have a causal relationship.  A causal relationship should be visible. If it is indisputable, then the argument is correct, and the points are not removed. The final case is one in which the evidence is complete without the addition of additional semantic units. If an extra element is needed to clarify the argument, then such a case is incorrect and incomplete, and points are taken for the substantive part of the essay.

Let’s look at examples:

Argument 1: … because it is harmful to people’s health.

Argument 2: … because there is a lot of lung cancer.

Let’s check for causality with the help of a scheme

Argument 1 is correct, complete, and valid because there is a causal link, and there are no missing logical links.

Argument 2 is incomplete since it lacks a common logical link, which would be a justification of opinion.  Thus, the argument is a valid opinion. And its additional logical links should be built AFTER the introduction of this very argument, and not before. Otherwise, it will be considered an incorrect construction of the argument. Personal experience, public experience, links to reputable sources and personalities may support the argument, but must be submitted after the argument directly entered at the beginning. The argument should not contradict other arguments to confirm the opinion.

If there are two arguments, the order is not essential, no matter which of the arguments is weaker or stronger in value. And if there are several three or more, then it is essential to arrange the arguments according to the classical method of argumentation.