Three paragraphs essay

Three paragraphs essay

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If you have not been taught to write essays at school, then reading one article on this topic will not help you at all! But if you just want to remember the main points of writing a good composition, then it makes sense to read further. Although it must be admitted that this is not such a complicated matter.

Choose a topic

It is the most important. A good essay can only be written on the topic that you are well acquainted with. If we consider that the essays are always based on the knowledge of classical literature studied in school, then you need to at least read all these works, which is absolutely impossible to do in one evening. If before the writing of the essay remains at least a month, you can do the following:

Select and read books on three main topics:

  • friendship;
  • The Great Patriotic War;
  • personality formation.

For each topic, you need to read at least two books, preferably with a preface and an afterword. Do not forget the authors of the preface, and afterward, and it can be useful. And if you memorize a short paragraph, it will be quite super.

When you come to the essay, you are offered a choice of three topics. Two are usually associated with specific works, and these particular books may not be familiar to you. But the third theme is free. You need to take a closer look at it and think about which of the books you have read can help solve this topic.

Write a plan

First, we divide the page into three parts:

  1. introduction,
  2. main part,
  3. conclusion

Then we add details.

Introduction. It is better to make it interrogative or to associate with a pressing problem of our time.

Conclusion. Must overlap with the entry. That is, in the end, you must answer the question posed in the first sentence of the introduction or confirm that the problem raised in the work of such and such an author is really relevant today (or is no longer relevant).

Main part. We think about how to open the topic. If you have a question, break it into 3-5 sub-questions and work each of them as a separate paragraph.