How to write an outline for an essay

How to write an outline for an essay

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An outline is a list of fundamental semantic elements of the text.

Proper structuring of the plan plays a considerable role during the writing of the text.

Points are semantic landmarks that help the author in a logical sequence to move towards the goal, which is before the text.

There are several types of plan:

1. Question (written in the form of a question to the text, during the compilation of this type it is necessary to use interrogative constructions).

2. Name (plan-thesis nominative system).

3. Plan-reference scheme (plan, which consists of separate parts of sentences that carry a robust semantic load).

4. Thesis.

Thesis plan is one of the types of text structuring. The thesis is the briefly formed content of several paragraphs of text.

Theses help to understand not only the structure of the text but also the main ideas that will be explained in each subsequent part of the text.

Summarizing all the above, we can say that the thesis plan of the text is a supporting material, which consists of the fundamental theses. In order to highlight the main theses of the text, it is necessary to read and identify the main idea of ​​the text, and then briefly formulate a thesis.

The basis of any type of plan is an algorithm for drawing up a general plan of the text:

1. It is necessary to understand the essence and objectives of the text.

2. After we determine what information is needed to solve problems.

3. Data should be presented in the form of points of the plan.

At the end of the general plan, you must ensure that it meets the following criteria:

1. Logical presentation.

2. Lack of repetitions.

3. Exhaustion. The plan should contain all the information that is needed in the text.

4. The development of the theme of the text. If there is a paragraph of the plan that cannot be described in more detail in its wording, then it can be combined with other items.

All these criteria concern not only the general plan of the text but also for all its parts.