How long should a research paper be

How long should a research paper be

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Practically every semester students in college are given the task of writing academic research paper. Most students do not know what to do with a long job, considering it too huge. Especially often this happens with first-year students who still have no experience in writing such papers. But with the understanding of the principle of doing work, the realization comes that the article should contain in itself, and everything becomes much easier. But in fact, everything is not as scary as some used to think, and in most cases, the research paper is simply a more advanced version of the essay, with which we are all very familiar with high school.

The length of the article and what should be included

The average exchange rate should be about 5-7 pages. Usually, there are about two (sometimes slightly more) paragraphs per page. Paragraphs should be written according to the rules with examples, details, as well as transitions, so that one sentence seems to follow from another and the text as a whole is more harmonious.

Sections in the course work should contain:

– introduction

– reference information

– theses

– counterarguments

– conclusion

Each of these paragraphs has a specific function in the text and is indicated by the length.

Introduction and Conclusion

Both of these items should be no more than a paragraph. They should reflect each other in structure. The hook, the bridge to the thesis, and then, in fact, the thesis itself. The conclusion must necessarily include some of your thoughts from the article and confirm the thesis indicated. The very end should be linked to the hook in the introduction.

Counterarguments and Help

If the curator of scientific work requires that changes and (or) counterarguments are necessarily included in it, then you should not be afraid. These sections themselves are not large at all – no more than one or two paragraphs. Written in the paragraph of references should give the reader the full amount of information needed to understand your argument. In the section with counterarguments, you will have to indicate why your point of view is correct and under what conditions this argument is unacceptable. It is not allowed to suppress the previous argument, both of them has the right to exist.

Paragraphs and body length

The section confirming your thesis should still remain part of the research paper. The article should be about thr