What is a good sat essay score

Everyone knows what an essay is and why it is written, but not everyone knows how to write really good texts.

Writing is not only a well-written story but also a student’s check on the skill of correct presentation of thoughts on a certain subject and observance of all speech norms.

There is a definite list of criteria for evaluating various types of written work. To write quality work, it is necessary to prepare, and it will also be easier to do it if you know these very criteria. So you can analyze in advance all aspects of writing and make for yourself a couple of useful conclusions about how teachers assess their students.

Since a separate assessment is made for the content and speech design of the text, there are separate assessment criteria for these two aspects. When evaluating the content is taken into account:

  • full disclosure of the topic and ideas of the essay;
  • correct use of factual information;
  • the essay should not deviate from the chosen topic;
  • order of presentation and argumentation
  • Speech design is evaluated according to the following criteria:
  • the number of spelling and punctuation errors;
  • adherence to writing style;
  • figurative speech; the use of various grammatical structures;
  • high vocabulary

Also, the essay should not make logical errors that would violate the correct sequence of presentation and correct perception of the text. Typically, such errors include incorrect division of the text into paragraphs.

At the time of writing, the student should correctly reflect the position of the author of the work on the described problem. The student must learn to understand this position in order to avoid factual errors in the composition.

Criteria by which the highest grade is put:

  • full compliance with the content of the selected topic;
  • lack of spelling and punctuation mistakes (it is allowed to bring no more than one error to each of the types);
  • the essay is written in a beautiful and competent speech with the observance of the desired writing style;
  • consistency and consistency of presentation;
  • one defect in the content of the essay is also allowed.